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eacrCroatian Association for Cancer Research (HDIR) is a non-profit organization which brings together scientific and professional employees who are engaged in scientific and professional work in medicine, biology, biochemistry and other scientific fields related to cancer. The HDIR operates as national society affiliated to the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR). As part of your membership with the HDIR, you automatically receive free membership to the EACR. HDIR members benefit from full membership of the EACR, free of charge. For over 50 years, the EACR has facilitated communication and collaboration within the cancer research community, providing a wide variety of services to its community of members, and organise scientific conferences of the highest quality, with 10,000 members across 100+ countries worldwide. The EACR provides a wide variety of services to support our community of members, including reduced registration fees for Congresses and Conferences (in-person or virtual), free registration to ‘Meet the Expert’ and ‘How to…’ webinars, facilitate communications and collaborations within the cancer research community, the opportunity to apply for bursaries and fellowships and join the EACR Book Club.

The main objectives of the Croatian Association for Cancer Research are: 

a)  encouraging scientific and professional work in medicine, biology, biochemistry and related fields of science related to cancer research

b)  linking clinical and basic aspects of cancer research 

c)  promoting and enhancing communication among various groups by encouraging multidisciplinary program

d) encouraging initiatives for research programs of special importance to the area of cancer.

These guidelines are consistent with the mission of EACR, which aims to promote basic research with clearer directions to the prevention and treatment and care of cancer patients and whose members are active scientist, students, Emeriti, notables in areas related in any way with cancer, different aspects of cancer research, applications research and management.

The HDIR gives us a greater possibility of cooperation with related national organizations for cancer research in other countries in Europe and the world (BACR, ASEICA, MOT, AACR, etc.). In addition, we wish to strengthen connections between members of the EACR in Croatia, but primarily to link researchers and as the Society to gain recognition in the field of cancer research as well as to enhance accessibility of the Society for young researchers.